Weird Waves

by Hetch Hetchy

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Peter Schulte (vox / guitar / keys)
Nolan Ericson (guitar)
Aaron Wahlborg (bass)
Michael Nunan (drums)

FROM: Seattle.

SOUNDS (KINDA) LIKE: Radiohead, The National, Beach House, Godspeed You ! Black Emperor, St. Vincent, Scott Walker, Julee Cruise/Twin Peaks

Written in Nolan's basement with help from his kegerator.

Recorded at Soundhouse in Seattle in September 2012 and Different Fur Studios in San Francisco in May 2013 and November 2013

Engineered and mixed by Nic Pope
Produced by Nic Pope and Peter Schulte
Mastered by Michael Romanowski

Artwork by Jen-Ann Kirchmeier


released June 5, 2014

Maren Haynes plays cello on tracks 3 and 5
Ethan Bernstein plays french horn on track 3



all rights reserved


Hetch Hetchy Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Weird Waves
on my way home
waves stuck in place
hills rippling by
i dance in strange delights

way over there
think of me there
i paint my face
and run into the wild

i will carry it with me on my way
i carry it with with me home

if you just look
look to the north and stay true
cock your head to the left
squint your eyes just right
beneath the buzz
between the cracks in the earth
beneath the fuzz
me and whatever
you can see it
a willful wind on the waves
you can see it
another world beneath

soft curls
in the weeds
a girl
an old ghost
a lovely glow
trapped in oak
by the fire


i will carry it with me on my way
i carry it with me now
Track Name: Pearls
pearls of heaven
for pears of earth
oh no no no
forget the heat
forget what's in the boiler room

gears keep turning
on and on
for me and you
always burning
industry ash in the month of may

no no dark humanity
the weight of the world is all on me
they always always smother the fire
and we all go cold

no no dark humanity
rotten riddles, fantasies
the never never stoke the fire
and we all go cold
Track Name: Those Words Are Words Are Just Words
Those words are words are just words
The letters they got shaken down
How'd they fit all those books together?
The wool is off the flock
Now go tend to the litter
Let the choir sing in the dark

We did all we could do
To make all things all new again
Stained glass in red, white, and blue
And we hymned for the morning
We hymned for the South
As the plate goes round the pews

Guilt on Fourth of July
But the weather is kind
Bourbon, sugar, and mint
A marionette
The stars will guide us through
And never do us wrong
Nevermind the telltales
The sea or the sails
I know that you lied
I know that you lied
Track Name: Taily-Po
I'm tired of living in right and wrong
Think I'll go someplace new
Take a sip of, a sip of summer's milk
And I go on my way

'Round the bend, desert dreams
And holy lands never seen

A tiny million holes
A tiny million souls left

Molten light, sitting on a lonely throne
Desert dreams, sinking sands

'Round the bend, fallen trees
Grown on top of everything that's even been

A tiny million holes
A tiny million souls left

Wait for me
Wait for me
Track Name: Bad Cloud
I fell as rain again
Broke on the broken rocks again
I spin away with my hands out

Hide in the haze again
Calmer heads prevailed again
I never thought I'd pray to anyone else
To the east

Burst apart, come in again, no
Tossed about a lonely wind, no

Burst apart, come in again, no
Tossed about a lonely wind, no
I make my own way again, no